Social Connect

Developed using Facebook official API

Revolutionary, world`s very first, and complete marketing software for Facebook & other social medias developed using official APIs.

Awesome features

Messenger chatbot

Setup messenger bot for replying 24/7 with visual flow builder.

Live chat

Live chat with Facebook/Instagram subscribers

Comment reply

Template, hide/delete offensive comment, keyword based reply, generic reply to Facebook pages posts comment.

Social poster

Instant/schedule posting on social medias.

How does this app work?

Few steps to connect your Facebook & Instagram account and make this app work.

Connect Facebook account is just few clicks easy. clicking `login with facebook` button will prompt you to allow access to import your Facebook & Instagram account and enable bot for page and you are ready to go.
You can comment your own post one time or multiple times. you can save your comments as template and use it whenever you want. perodic posting feature will allow you to comment randomly or serially taking content from template in a frequent manner and start-end time interval.
Reply automatically your Facebook post based on comment content. you can also hide/delete any offensive comments. you can save your replies as template and use it whenever you want.
You can set messenger bot with visual flow builder beside classic builder, so your messenger will work 24/7 automatically.
Just create text/image/video/link content you want to post. now post it or schedule it to post later. you can also set scheduled periodic post to post same content periodically.

Detailed features

Social Connect Is now not only messenger marketing tools, but also have most complete page’s posting features that can outrun any other Facebook posting tools existing in the market.

Send bulk message

Has the feature of sending BULK messages to page subscribers.

Auto comment reply

Has the feature of sending auto reply to your post’s commenters comments.

Auto private reply

Has the feature of sending auto replies into your post’s commenters inbox.

Auto comment like

Has the feature of auto like your page’s new posts.

Text/image/video/link post

Has the feature of posting all types into Facebook pages.

Page message manager

Helps you to see unread messages,send replies and also has chatting facilities

Bot Reply

Helps to increase page reposne time by reply inbox message based on keywords.

Persistent Menu

A customized menu options inside your page inbox to help people explore more about you.

Apps screenshot

Here are some screenshots of how it looks. see the amazing shots and enjoy.

About our app


World’s very first,most powerful and complete Messenger marketing software for Facebook.

Social Connect -Master Messenger marketing software for Facebook

Social Connect Is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. Facebook is providing some technique for marketing that are hidden and nobody knows yet. Facebook doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use this powerful feature. It`s possible by using some good programming knowledge only. The most interesting part is , it`s totally free marketing that is 50 times better than email marketing. We have made a tools for our own business and got massive success that you can`t imagine. Social Connect Is the world first bulk message sender to Facebook messanger subscriber. It`s the best alternative of email marketing which is more powerful.

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Frequently asked questions

No, you don`t need to create any Facebook app. we are covering all the complex stuff and giving you the easiest experience possible. just import your account and start using the awesome features.
Not at all. we are using instgram official API. everything is official here. don`t need to worry.
Yes, you can. we have full-featured image editor integrated with the system. you can crop, add text, add shape, add filters etc. before you post images.
We are always alert to mitigate any global issue arise. if you still face any issue using the system you can open support tickets and our support team will guide and help you out.

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